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Oxygen skin care treatment can reduce the effects of aging by actually nourishing the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and pure oxygen, all of which are propelled deep into the skin, pore by pore. This holistic skin care treatment leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful. It can be used post chemical peel or for use both before and after facial surgery due to the ability of oxygen to speed the healing process.

You will notice a “tightening” sensation of your facial skin after the initial treatment, it will appear and feel moist to the touch. This “tightening” sensation indicates that the oxygen and other ingredients used have effectively reached the skin cells and are beginning the process of nourishing and revitalizing your skin, pore-by-pore.

  • Increased Suppleness and Elasticity.
  • Increases the number of Blood Cells.
  • Increases skins natural healing ability.
  • Reduces Redness and Inflammation.
  • Aids in Wound Healing

Duration: 1 Hour