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European Face and body treatments for the skin is a revolutionary electros-activateĀ for enhancing and accelerating natural skin cell renewal and smoothing creating an overall skin rejuvenation and new and younger skinĀ ,removes accumulate surface debris preparing the skin to accept the benefits of any skin care regimen helps to maintain the skinā€™s natural elasticity and helpsĀ protect the newly emergingĀ skin cells ,for skinĀ impurities ,stretch marksĀ  and little scars, for red skin normalization treatment, for face and neck strengthening and restoring skin, for cutaneous spot ,for orange and dimpled skin and for cutaneous relaxation treatment for face and body.

Additional service included

  • Treat Pigmentation
  • Red Skin Normalization Treatment.
  • Cutaneous Relaxation Treatment.
  • Strengthens The Skin.
  • Removes Stretch Marks Scars.

Duration: 90 Minutes